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Every day, our Jobbies are dedicated to helping you find your dream job. They'll take on any challenges to make sure you get the perfect match. And best of all? They do it all with a passion that is unmatched.

But what makes our Jobbies really special? That's their dedication. They listen to your needs, dreams and ambitions and go out of their way to make them a reality. They understand that a job is more than just a place to work; it's a place where you can be yourself, grow and follow your passions.

Medewerkers Job Invest
Amber van der Veeken
Ania Lipka
Inhouse Recruiter
Arno de Gouw
Finance Manager
Bo de Vries
Cliënt Succes Manager
Deen van den Broek
Giel van Asseldonk
Ilse Vercammen
Intern Design
Iris van Rijn - de Wildt
Inhouse and Recruitment Manager
Isabelle Rutten
Online Marketeer
Jelle de Vries
Intern Marketing
Joanna van der Schoot
Backoffice Employee
Katarzyna Surdej
International Recruiter
Kelly Mayuri Benites
International Recruiter
Ken van den Langenberg
Kevin van Kempen
Chief Operational Officer
Kim Lijs
Operationeel Manager Outsource Force
Lakisha van Grinsven
Recruitment Consultant
Larissa Teixeira
Welcome Officer/ Recruiter
Lisa Soeter
Recruitment Manager
Lisa van Grinsven - Lommen
Backoffice Employee/ Casemanager
Lotte Bouwans - van Alphen
Backoffice Manager/HR Employee
Luuk Mulder
Teamlead Sales
Małgorzata Sztybrych
Inhouse Recruiter
Mariska Vos
Assistent Controller
Marloes van Weert
Martyna Bednarek
International Recruiter
Mathijs van der Aa
Teamleider Marketing
Maxime van Strijp
Graphic Designer
Max Kappen
Michelle Olijve
Operationeel Manager Talentrix
Monique van Driel
Finance Employee
Natalia Wisniewska
International Recruiter
Nikoleta Ydraiou
International Recruiter
Olaf Das
Business Analist
Patrycja Stajno
International Recruiter
Quincy van Grinsven
Recruitment Consultant
Ralph van Iersel
Chief commercial officer
Raúl de Gouw
Renske van Rijswijk
Backoffice Employee
Samantha de Ruijter
Backoffice Employee
Urszula Komarnicka
Inhouse Recruiter
Zsanett Meilinger
Planner/Inhouse Recruiter
Zoey Raaijmakers
Intern Design